Rhythms and rhymes

              Life has very kindly and clearly invited me to think about the rhythms and rhymes of my life. Interesting subject... For more success in my decisions I´ve called my truth and purpose to build a plan that fits in my inner values and priorities.

       Rhythm is the beat at which life circulates in our veins and in the avenues of our decisions in time and space.

Nature is by far the best expert in rhythms. The part in us that best represents nature is our body. We can overcome the challenges of our own nature with good listening, sensitivity, humility and curiosity. Cultivating can be an intense task, as well as collecting the fruits can require intense and immense actions. This has been my path for a long time.


This month I want to honor new rhythms, breathing slowly, walking lightly, feeling the temporary aspects free of drama and celebrate the eternal qualities of life. 

       The rhymes are the ways in which we combine environmental and personal elements to sing clearly our message into the world. We can hone this voice with honesty, and the rhyme is refined through trial and error. When a verse does not rhyme well it might be better to start from zero. 

For my rhymes I´m collecting good words, high aspirations, noble values and ancient virtues.

      In Ibiza we´ve just changed seasons and the arm wrestling match with time has softened. Life is offering me, for the first time in 7 years, two little ones taking his education outside our home, which presents me a quieter landscape for my study and practice time (activities that have survived miraculously in the corner of my sleep time or thanks to my declared stolen time to my family). I want to savour this, but not all on my own! I´m blessed to live in Ibiza were many schools end at 2pm and I can get my children home to enjoy together the flavors of our simple and light homemade food, embracing together the beginning of sunset time. I know this is a temporary pleasure and joy, and I don´t want to miss it!

This is the reason why I feel that we always have to readjust our rhythms and rhymes, because everything is changing around us, wether we want it or not. And all is changing inside, wether we ignore or not.

      This last quarter of the year I´m happily flying to three beautiful destinations to teach: London, Barcelona and Madrid. For the beginning of 2018 I´ve decided to move slowly and concentrate on some new trainings. I will dedicate myself to my work in Ibiza, reducing external projects to the really relevant, necessary and possible. For everything else, I´ll be here… in my simple and quiet life. This, as everything else, is also temporary, I want to make the most out of it!

It´s a real pleasure to keep sharing this journey with you; enjoying the simple things, savoring, choosing,...


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