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Samyama Yoga is the

project of my heart.


      I've been teaching since 2007 and my heart is fully grounded in this path.

      With this project I cover the aspects of education that have to do with the traditional and contemporary knowledge of this amazing art called yoga, in the context of my experience.

     Framed in the most approachable and scientific background, the yogic tools are used for effective and honest training of the body-mind for its freedom and balance.




      I feel that professional bios risk trying  to convince others about how valuable we are. Our value, in my opinion, is given by the quality of our heart and how we put it into our work. I don't know how that can be certified but by our presence! I believe in true admiration, the one that emerges from human connection and  wisdom rather than facts.

     I love yoga and science  and I do my work every day regarding study, lifestyle and commitments. I teach because it's my passion and the fruits are extremely sweet.  I do work a lot, but I also have time for enjoyment, reflection and quietness.

     My main sources, trainings and pleasures are drawn from Vinyasa (for the dynamic approach to  breath, movement and sequencing), Yin Yoga (for contemplation in long held asana with stimulation of connective tissue), Restorative Yoga (for therapeutic approach and balancing of the nervous system in supported poses), Mindfulness (for lifestyle and mind training for focus, clarity and truth) and Neuroscience (for neuroplasticity oriented teaching). If I have to mention my major teachers and inspirations, I would say Shiva rea, Jason Crandell, Roger Cole, Liz Lark, Danilo Hernández,...

       Every time I step into a workshop, a group class, a private session, a meeting or a video shooting I try to remind myself that I'm not my actions and knowledge, but my soul and my love for life.

     This helps me to be the best version of myself in every moment.