Yoga, inspiration & mindful living... for holding on and letting go.

      I consider myself an educator in the field of yoga. It is my passion and my skill  to share the wisdom of yoga and all the possibilities it can offer to increase health, wellbeing and awareness.

I have been teaching yoga for more than a decade to students and other teachers of all walks of life and nationalities. My open and inclusive perspectives are focused on sharing the science behind the physical and mental practices of yoga, based in neuroscience, mindfulness and functional movement. 

From my perspective, yoga is meant to offer a meaningful experience to both beginners and experienced students, always. I present accesible, coherent and enjoyable yoga that stimulates the body and mind, resulting in elevated mood, renewed vitality and mental clarity. 

      My work is based in Ibiza, where I offer group clases, one-to-one, workshops, retreats, ... I also teach in the mainland and abroad. 

You are most welcome into my world.

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