Unavoidable, learn or disappear! 

      Our brain has behind it a process of evolution of 2.5 million years. This type of figures, like those of the dinosaur era or distances to the stars, always make me a little dizzy.Without any doubt, the passage of time is constantly modeling the tools, and one of the most important ones is inside our heads!

      We are programmed to survive, this is why we tend to look for security and the known, but this is only part of the program. We are also programmed to express the capacities that this brain has been developing for so long: creativity, communication, connection, language, abstract thinking, ... Our brain has evolved, among other things, to adapt to the greater complexity of our societies. And, in the process, we have gained many things, and not just a heavier head!

      Keeping our brain as healthy and active as possible is a responsibility and a pleasure. Personally I follow some daily practices, today I want to tell you about five of them:

1. Doing things that are uncomfortable or that make me feel lazy and are important (to reduce the control of the primitive part of the brain, reducing fear and anxiety).

2. Offering myself learning challenges intelectually, physically and emotionally (to favor the most sophisticated of my neurology).

3. Practicing meditation (cleans and arranges everything in my brain while I'm in stillness with my eyes closed!).

4. Developing quality relationships with people around me (activates areas of the brain that deal with love, compassion, empathy, ...).

5. Reading things that inspire me and help me to understand the world around and inside me (although sometimes I feel even more lost and ignorant!)

     I like to teach yoga because it keeps me active at the neurological level. Simply moving the arm or leg is already a brain activity. The brain has to tell the body what I want to move and how much and where. I consider movement one of the most efficient ways to stay young. Of course we favor our whole body, but what is often overlooked is that recognizing right and left, coordinating movements and maintaining balance are neurological skills.

     For the next few months my brain will be devoted to the consolidation of the subjects that I will teach in the first training module on Mindful Vinyasa in Barcelona and Ibiza. In this module for teachers I incorporate different areas of learning and teaching with the purpose of promoting and feeding our neuroplasticity. This is the project that I treasure and cherish most at the moment. The training covers the subjects of inspiration, ethics and functional alignment. For the moment this training is coming only in Spanish, I´m not sure my brain can do the work in two languages!

The rest of my activity can be found in the schedule. For private projects in the area of training or retreats you can consult me directly, they do not appear in the schedule.

     If you pass by Ibiza do not hesitate to book a place for a Yoga & Brunch at Amante Beach Club.  I teach Mindful Vinyasa classes in front of the sea on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until mid-October.

What else?...  I love hearing from you. I am very grateful to receive your messages with ideas, feelings, doubts and inquiries. I learn every day thanks to them, many thanks to all.

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