March Newsletter - Essential Spring

  I was wondering for this newsletter if I should adopt a spring or a yogi mood, wether I should use for the heading one of today´s pictures of the natural landscape or a few cute pictures doing poses.

To be honest, I spend more time looking at the landscape than I do on the mat. This is life. There is more life in my life than mat. However, they both interweave in such disproportionate perfect proportion that they can´t live one without the other. My life would be dull without the mat, and my mat would be ungrounded without the roots that daily and common life gives me.

So I´m going to put the spring as heading and a couple of discrete yoga pictures in poses that remind me how much I need the center of my body to embellish and stabilize all the other elements. The center is that aspect of my life that brings me back to the origin of things, so I can naturally assume the complexity of life and rest in the simplicity I consciously chose.

I´m wondering how the regular students feel after a couple of exciting months focusing in the core of our body. I have the impression that it has helped us all to center and focus in the essence of the practice. To my way of thinking, an intense posture only makes sense if we are able to perform it with quality, and for that we need precision, time, devotion and intention. This has been the central axis of my teaching these months. The juice of any fruit or vegetable will keep better its vitamins if we squeeze it with slowness and patience. From my perspective the yoga physical practice is the same, it reaches perfection when it is nourishing and simple, when anxiety disappears and inspiration appears.

I don´t want to make it too long, since I would like you to keep some interest for the articles I wrote in the blogs and the talk at the end.

I wish you a beautiful spring!

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