Skills and personal truth

       Our yoga practices in our contemporary world can be used as tools for the development of our personal truth and our skillfulness for joyful and mindful living. And this is just a choice we have. We can use them for anything else that matters for us: parenting, learning, working, meditating, traveling,… It´s not so much about what we use them for, but the fact they serve us well in our world and our aspirations. 

This is why each student is so different, why each teacher is so different. Because we each choose different ways of using the tools and applying them to our lives. 

      I can feel a clear upgrading in my knowledge and skillfulness after my first 100 hours advanced training with Jason Crandell. And the most important thing is that it serves me. It serves me for my personal aspirations and truth; to be a better student, to explore my practice with more tools, to express myself better as a teacher and to communicate with more clarity to others how I see yoga and what I want to offer through my education in this field.

I believe that we shouldn´t keep anything is our lives that is not serving us. If a relationship is not serving us, we should let it go or transform it. If our mood is not serving us we should take time to look at life from different perspectives, if we feel lonely and powerless we could decide to cultivate our inner strength and our courage,… 

      If we all did things like this, with responsibility, we wouldn´t be moaning and complaining about the world but shining our bright clear light on it. I really believe that it is a waste of energy not to take care of what matters to us, ignoring what is calling upon us (our dharma in the yogic worldview). All our insecurities become burdens for the soul, all our dependencies become burdens for the people around us. There are more than enough reasons to make space for this development of skills and personal truth.

We really need to upgrade our skillset if we feel we want to continue to develop integrity and maturity. The best of all, is that if we use it well, the upgrading will always bring a loss of personal ego, reminding us that we are all in a path of discovery and removing obstacles here and there… And, really, this is funny…Not as serious as we make it look! 

So, please, make your yoga serve you and your world. Choose the tools and teachers and practices that serve you and your world. And then, let it be, and allow others to do the same.

Never expect others to attach to your principles, but be happy to share them. Never expect everyone to respect you, but make sure you respect everyone. Keep your energy free, don´t get distracted judging others. Get focused in knowing thyself.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates