Love, own, share.

There is more to life than the things that make us different and that are so visible. Our common humanity is broader and bigger than these different shapes, ideas, habits and social classes that we play. 

Why would I say this? Because I have seen myself and others get to the same points over and over, beyond the formal differences. We might not discuss it as often as necessary but most of us have some of the inner questions unanswered, at least during some time of our lives. This sets us in the same chapter and in a similar landscape.

What is the purpose of life? What am I meant to do here? This existencial, philosophical and spiritual questions are not meant to be easily answered but we can learn to live easily with them while we find our genuine and inner answers. It takes time!

I have this simple strategy to help myself or anyone else in the process of unfolding answers for the questions related to meaning and purpose. The strategy I have created is Love-Own-Share. This strategy creates a fertile day-to-day experience in which we allow the laws of nature and spirit to answer to the questions. Meanwhile we create the best possible contexts for us to enjoy the process and engage in the actions that guide us to the answers.

1. Know what you love. Start by doing every day a little bit more of those things that bring you peace, excitement, joy. This can be anything and it does not have to be related specifically to your profession. Make sure you don´t miss those things that cover your true needs, wether it is reading poetry or ironing, just don´t skip moments of pleasure, joy and devotion to your authentic motivations. 

2. Own the right to your joy and wholeness. Don´t expect anyone or anything from outside to come and give you permission or motivation or money for doing these things that really fuel your heart and inspire your soul. Take full responsibility for including self-inspiration, self-care, self-joy. If you think you don´t have time, you are driving on the wrong track. Time is created and used every day consciously or unconsciously. Stop the excuses! They take away your power.

3. Now, it is time to share it or it will just become a game to feed your ego and self centeredness. Your joy and your bliss are meant to change the world and impregnate those around you. These things that you love so much, and that you give yourself permission to practice and enjoy are the ones that you are meant to share in the world. They are specific talents or gifts and in sharing them they become universal goodness. You learn through them to go beyond your survival into thriving and serving in the world.

Diana Samyama Yoga 1.jpg

Now, these things might not give you all the answers but will add meaning to daily life and will increase your sensation of being useful and helpful to those around you. These mood moves us from the mind to the heart where true listening can happen. Inner guidance appears in the form of intuition, insight, callings, longings, knowings… Then we start understanding, then we start loving.  And even with some unanswered questions, life gets delicious! 

So Love-Own-Share every day… Thank you!