Alignment, truth & hello

      I started my yoga practice when I was 18, and I immediately fell in love with the sensations that appeared after the classes. Many things happened afterwards and in between these last years that I have devoted to teaching. I worked as a designer for nearly a decade, whilst trying to find a sense of joy in my daily life. 

I was lost enough to find myself in this new expression of my creativity. In this moment of my life I feel that I'm in the right place and I love my work.  

      After these years of teaching, releasing my old lifestyle and diving into the joys of education and connection, I've been to many different schools and teachers. They all address yoga alignment in their own way and mood. So I can say, up to now, that it's nearly impossible that there is a true and correct alignment that works for everybody in all the poses. Considering that every body is unique, I would like to consider that each pose is also different for each person

From this starting point, I'm able to draw only one big conclusion about alignment. We have to be aligned with our truth. And only we can know what's our truth… And then we can check anatomical alignment possibilities...

So a good way to start our yoga practice is to honor our uniqueness. Only look at others to get inspired, because comparison will never lift your mood, and don't blame yourself if you feel faithless or fearful while showing your limitations in a shared space.

There comes a time when you don't care anymore about what others think about you. And it's not because you are disconnected from the world, but because you have understood that what really matters is what you think about yourself and how you connect to yourself. 

      Consider taking actions to honor yourself, in a healthy, supportive and loving way. Encourage yourself to take the necessary risks on the mat and off the mat, and assume the results of your actions. This way you´re most probably getting closer to what feels true in your heart. 

And now … release the self and become one with everything and everyone around you!

This is yoga, a path of self-awareness that ultimately wants to keep the awareness and release the self. And it doesn’t feel like emptiness, but wholeness!

Welcome to my new English website, I'm very excited to share content with you…

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