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Teachers Gathering in Ibiza: Meditation and the art of attention

Tuesday 19th February from 11:30 to 13:30

Every month I host a gathering where I invite a circle yoga teachers of all styles and leves of experience for reflection and culture development.

I bring in the philosophical and psychological aspects of the subject I choose and then I invite to some exercises and sharing. Up to now this events have been filled with inspiration, motivation and joy for all of us. It is my passion to educate and share in all the possible ways, especially in a context were most of the education is offered in formal settings and with a teacher-student relationship. i want to foster settings of teacher-teacher relationship to develop more community mindset.

The purpose is to create an awareness of our power and vulnerability as a community with sophisticated levels of thought and emotion.

I don't charge for these events (there is a 5€ contribution for the venue that hosts the event).

(YOU NEED TO CONFIRM ASSISTANCE so you can receive instructions on how the gatherings work. )


I cover different aspects that are related to the experience of teaching yoga through a brief presentation and exercises that allow all of us to speak and share as a circle. The content is meant to be functional and inspiring covering philosophy, psychology, methodology, mindfulness,...

This is the program for 2018/19.

1. Truths about teaching: heart, mind & body

2. Myths about teaching: beliefs, stories & expectations

3. Teaching content: long term and short term curriculum development

4. Svadhyaya: true study

5. Meditation and the education and attention

6. Empathy, mindful connection, listening & talking

7. The art of being vs the art of doing: evolution & reflection

8. Asana LAB

9. Wisdom, tradition, lineages, identities, sources.

10. Kindness, assertiveness, honesty and dettachment.

To be included in the group you just need to email me and I´ll send you details.