Infinite doors for learning and practicing

Each context offers a different type of experience, thus a different type of stimulus. Self-awareness is the goal of any of the ways in which we receive teaching and we practice. It's in my passion and my talents to share in different spaces and contexts.

One to one

One of my main talents is the tailoring  of the practices for the individual needs. For short or long term projects of improving our life private sessions are a great tool with rewarding fruits.

I offer my private teaching in Atzaró Hotel, Can Oliver (Santa Gertrudis) and homes.

I also offer private sessions  when I travel in the dates around workshops in Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona and London.

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Group classes in Ibiza

This is the most common context for yoga practice, and offers the benefits of gathering to share goals and limitations. It gets us in touch with the collective experience, to realize that we are all looking for joy and wellbeing. 

The group experience honors the different personal stories, while encouraging everyone to practice with passion and faith. I do group teaching for my own projects and clients like retreat centers or beach clubs.


MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS at 9:00 at Amante Beach Club (from May to October)


WEDNESDAYS at 9:30 (Level 1-2) & WEDNESDAYS at 17:30 (Level 1) at Open Space Santa Gertrudis


Big and deep educational content

Trainings, Workshops and Masterclasses  schedule in Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona is in the events page.

* Only events in London are offered in English.

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Online classes

This type of teaching serves mainly when direct teaching is not possible. It's a supporting tool, when the student- teacher connection works well and there's a need of keeping the flow of knowledge alive.

I design individual videos when necessary but I have free content in my youtube channel (most of it is in Spanish).