Skills and personal truth

       Our yoga practices in our contemporary world can be used as tools for the development of our personal truth and our skillfulness for joyful and mindful living. And this is just a choice we have. We can use them for anything else that matters for us: parenting, learning, working, meditating, traveling,… It´s not so much about what we use them for, but the fact they serve us well in our world and our aspirations. 

This is why each student is so different, why each teacher is so different. Because we each choose different ways of using the tools and applying them to our lives. 

      I can feel a clear upgrading in my knowledge and skillfulness after my first 100 hours advanced training with Jason Crandell. And the most important thing is that it serves me. It serves me for my personal aspirations and truth; to be a better student, to explore my practice with more tools, to express myself better as a teacher and to communicate with more clarity to others how I see yoga and what I want to offer through my education in this field.

I believe that we shouldn´t keep anything is our lives that is not serving us. If a relationship is not serving us, we should let it go or transform it. If our mood is not serving us we should take time to look at life from different perspectives, if we feel lonely and powerless we could decide to cultivate our inner strength and our courage,… 

      If we all did things like this, with responsibility, we wouldn´t be moaning and complaining about the world but shining our bright clear light on it. I really believe that it is a waste of energy not to take care of what matters to us, ignoring what is calling upon us (our dharma in the yogic worldview). All our insecurities become burdens for the soul, all our dependencies become burdens for the people around us. There are more than enough reasons to make space for this development of skills and personal truth.

We really need to upgrade our skillset if we feel we want to continue to develop integrity and maturity. The best of all, is that if we use it well, the upgrading will always bring a loss of personal ego, reminding us that we are all in a path of discovery and removing obstacles here and there… And, really, this is funny…Not as serious as we make it look! 

So, please, make your yoga serve you and your world. Choose the tools and teachers and practices that serve you and your world. And then, let it be, and allow others to do the same.

Never expect others to attach to your principles, but be happy to share them. Never expect everyone to respect you, but make sure you respect everyone. Keep your energy free, don´t get distracted judging others. Get focused in knowing thyself.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates


Manifesto of a Cooperation Based Yoga Teacher

I never aimed to become viral, massive or famous. Not as a person.

Nevertheless,  I´ve been very happy and grateful to receive the natural evolution and fruits in my career as a yoga teacher and educator, through the laws of effort and release, action and no-action, creation and surrender. 

But now it´s different! I would really love to have a deep impact in the community of teachers with this Manifesto. I would like us to reflect individually and as a community.  What are we doing? What are we building? What legacy are we leaving? What culture are we creating?

I started cooking this idea in my heart around one year ago. I finished the Manifesto around 6 months ago. I felt shy to share it in a big scale. But my shyness will not make it more effective.

Please read it and share will the teachers you know that might need or appreciate the content. Let´s stay motivated! We are not alone...


Manifesto of a Cooperation Based Yoga Teacher


One body, many cells.

· As a yoga teacher and educator I recognize myself as a unique, specialized and talented cell that belongs to one only body. That body is made up by all the teachers and educators that are spreading the wisdom of Yoga, creating a culture and a legacy for the next generations. 

· I acknowledge that a body works well thanks to the cohesiveness, coherence, cooperation and truthfulness of each of these cells. 

· I believe that the aim of this body is to serve, modeling and inspiring the world through thought, word and action.

· I recognize my power to transform and affect the world. I believe that we teachers are here to remind each other each day that this collective goal of transformation is a priority and more important than our individual goals of personal success. I know that true success is the success of the community.

Around skills, development and knowledge.

· I take 100% responsibility for my skillfulness and the state of my career and professional development as a teacher.

· Finding my own voice and sharing my truth is the best way in which I can serve this community. Other teachers can be a reference of style or wisdom, but none of them can see and feel my truth as I can do it. Thus, I´m happy to listen to others, and at the same time I´m grounded in my convictions and values.

· I´m happy to revise my teaching and assumptions every day.  Keeping updated my knowledge and skills through inquiry and study is my obligation, not a choice, but a responsibility I have with this community.

· I strive for learning, not perfection. I know that there are many blind spots in my experience and knowledge. Therefore I keep my humility, honoring the diversity of schools and teachings.

· I accept jealousy, fear and envy as part of the human experience. I decide to feel it, not to feed it.


· I wish to make yoga accesible to everyone, honoring each context and each student, always.

· It´s my desire to share the experiences and the learning that have served me, helping the people around me to find their own training, inspiration or learning resources.

· Students have a right for freedom and decision making in their evolution and practice, my commitment is to offer as many intellectual and practical knowledge as it´s necessary and possible in each case. 

· I´m willing to share the deep values and philosophy of yoga, and happy to accept the degree in which each student wants to commit to these values.

Ethics, intentions, awareness.

· Minimizing others  breaks the ethical rules of a true teacher.

· Judging others will not help them and will interfere in my ability to communicate with kindness, compassion and clarity. I decide to stay open to the needs of the students and aware of my own emotions in every moment. 

· I believe that community awareness puts the emphasis on our capacity to support each others in our transitions. As teachers we all have fears, doubts and weak areas. In our vulnerability lies our power for transformation. Being fierce and brave to share these vulnerabilities will get us closer to each others hearts and to the heart of Yoga, and we will be able to serve better.

· I believe that there´s enough for all and that sharing naturally and effortlessly increases our health, wealth and true success, both individually and as a community.

Core values, true yoga, belonging.

· I´m happy to break the patterns in my mind and heart that give me a sense of fragmentation and separation. Yoga is about wholeness, connection, union.

· I wish a long life to Yoga and to myself as a teacher. I work for the longevity of this tradition and my own longevity as a teacher. When I take actions I consider the effects of those actions in the long term more that the immediate rewards of those actions.

· The power of Yoga is much stronger that the power of my yoga. I´m willing to recognize that this power is not coming from me, but through me.


About the meanings of Cooperation

 in a Community of Yoga Educators


· Owning the beliefs of cooperative teaching might be a slow process, I´m willing to honor it´s rhythms and take them into my own language and emotion. Creating a new culture requires time, dedication, intention and patience. New habits and behaviors are necessary for a new teacher to be born. 

· When we cooperate we don´t sum up our parts, we become something new by joining these parts.

· The aim of a community of teachers includes supporting new teachers in developing the skills and overcoming the challenges of this profession.

· Humility and tolerance are absolutely necessary for the health of this movement, there´s no human hierarchy but different states of experience and knowledge.

· A community or body of teachers  is a creative space, not a space of followers. Each cell has intelligence and the capacity to take it´s own decisions, it simply never forgets that its behavior affects the whole body, and thus takes the right responsibility and integrity always.

· Willingness and attitude are the roots of our strength as a community. All the members of a community need some time to reflect on the right balance of freedom and commitment.

· Spiritual maturity will give us the courage to move forward in these roots and grow our branches.

· Empathy is the basic tool for understanding each others, even if we don´t agree.

· A community does not absorb the individuals and their personal path and development, it just reminds us that we can also refine ourselves through interaction with our peers

· Though the comfort of navigating on our own is obvious, we still decide to take some of our time, energy, resources and mental availability to think in a multidimensional way, overcoming the limited consciousness of the self and diving in to the  greater consciousness that bonds us to each other in a timeless way.

· A community aims to create culture, and represent that  culture with its actions. 

What culture do we want to create? 

What do we believe is a our mission as yoga teachers and educators?



Diana Naya

Ibiza, September 2017  

Please share your ideas and feelings with me!



New cycles, never endings

       I´m sure things never really begin and never really end, they just become expressive in some periods of our life, and unexpressive in others. That´s why detachment happens naturally when I have to transition from one stage to another. I know nothing is really lost, as I know I´m not conquering anything I don´t have within me already.

    For nearly two years I´ve been centered in creating content very intensely for my thematic workshops. Short workshops that I´ve been offering in Madrid, Alicante, Ibiza, Barcelona and London, in the languages of reflection, science, vinyasa, yin yoga, restorative yoga and mindful living. 

They have required a lot of insight and depth from my side, and have manifested as lightness and joyful education for students. I would say it has been a success in my inner worlds. Pleasure, satisfaction and gratitude remain with me. I´ve used my freedom and personal interests to talk about inspiration, motivation, vitality, mental clarity, transparency, awakened life, courage, enthusiasm, stress, honesty, etc... And I´ve been lucky enough to have people willing to listen to me!

I´ve also seen grow my Mindful Vinyasa mini-training, and I´ve seen myself emerge naturally as teacher of teachers, all of us being students.

    Now it´s time to turn the wheel further and put my creative mind to rest so I can move deeply into the next stage of what wants to be expressed. It´s time to simplify and redirect my energy towards less outgoing energies, grounding my wisdom and acknowledging my ignorance. My soil needs some rest and some time to reach out for renewed nutrients. 

    Yoga considers ignorance (avidya) to be one of the most dangerous states we can dwell in and I would not like to ignore what I need to improve in my own praxis and professional responsibility. It´s time for me to get out there empty of knowledge and full of innocence. I´m ready for an upgrading even if that requires me to downgrade temporarily some pleasures, identities and activities.

    I believe I´m a born teacher, but also a born student. That´s why this coming year will be devoted to receiving training rather than offering it. 

    Many things have happened while I´ve been creating this beautiful content for my workshops. I´ve seen my children moving from baby and toddler into lion and princess; family life has been the greatest inspiration source for me, along with my privileged relationship with nature in my ibicencan lifestyle.

I´ve naturally built a very stable private practice in Ibiza in which I receive regularly resident students, local and international, for their one-to-one enquiry, practice and study time. All of them are committed long-term and faithful to their practice. I believe this is a miracle, and these routines have changed their lives and mine.

Great collaborations have flourished too in these years with other schools and companies, representing my ideal business relationships: freedom, respect, correct value and commitment.

I started my Youtube Channel, out of innocence, just to stay in touch with people that were not close to me, and I never expected this warm welcome among practitioners and teachers. I didn´t even know what a subscriber was nor did I perceive it as a marketing strategy of any kind. The truth is that it has served my highest goals as a teacher: connection and service. 

    Resilience and humility have been my main personal goals, and the fruits have been showing up in miraculous ways, with evidence and sweetness. Though I´ve had to deal with the rough experience of being long-term injured for the first time ever, I believe it has been supporting my goals.

    So, what´s next? I´m not really sure but it has an aroma. I´ve clearly placed a big part of my time, family and material resources for 2018 to the service of taking advanced training for myself with my admired teacher Jason Crandell in London. 

My teaching energy will be devoted to collaborations, retreats and summer yoga, and my private practice which goes all year round. This means: study time,  external ideas, external requests, external availability, but  temporarily no educative proaction, no workshops scheduling, no content creation for myself… 

My intuition tells me that 2019 will be giving shape to a body of theory and practice that I can deliver as training to other teachers, which has been a long term request I´ve been receiving.

Anyway, I´m not sure about the future… And it feels really good not to know! 

    To celebrate all this and more I wrote this post, and I want to leave here a few quotes that I´ve been reading to myself or students along these years and that really represent my journey, my believes and my service. It´s my way of saying goodbye to this stage, and expressing my gratitude for those of you around me and inside me. All of you are sitting in my heart.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson


If I have no appetite—it is because I am already full. If I have no desire to go anywhere—it is because I have already arrived. 

Max Strom


Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion?

Joe Dispenza


The world doesn't really need more people who can bend their bodies into amazing positions. What it needs are kinder, more compassionate, generous people.

Donna Farhi


Rid your body of its impurities, let your speech be true and sweet, feel friendship for the world, and with humility seek wealth and knowledge.



Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ancient spiritual traditions remind us that in each moment of the day, we make the choices that either affirm or deny our lives. Every second we choose to nourish ourselves in a way that supports or depletes our lives; to breathe deep and life-affirming breaths or shallow, life-denying ones; and to think and speak about other people in a manner that is honoring or dishonoring. 

Gregg Braden


And my favorite!

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein





Rhythms and rhymes

              Life has very kindly and clearly invited me to think about the rhythms and rhymes of my life. Interesting subject... For more success in my decisions I´ve called my truth and purpose to build a plan that fits in my inner values and priorities.

       Rhythm is the beat at which life circulates in our veins and in the avenues of our decisions in time and space.

Nature is by far the best expert in rhythms. The part in us that best represents nature is our body. We can overcome the challenges of our own nature with good listening, sensitivity, humility and curiosity. Cultivating can be an intense task, as well as collecting the fruits can require intense and immense actions. This has been my path for a long time.


This month I want to honor new rhythms, breathing slowly, walking lightly, feeling the temporary aspects free of drama and celebrate the eternal qualities of life. 

       The rhymes are the ways in which we combine environmental and personal elements to sing clearly our message into the world. We can hone this voice with honesty, and the rhyme is refined through trial and error. When a verse does not rhyme well it might be better to start from zero. 

For my rhymes I´m collecting good words, high aspirations, noble values and ancient virtues.

      In Ibiza we´ve just changed seasons and the arm wrestling match with time has softened. Life is offering me, for the first time in 7 years, two little ones taking his education outside our home, which presents me a quieter landscape for my study and practice time (activities that have survived miraculously in the corner of my sleep time or thanks to my declared stolen time to my family). I want to savour this, but not all on my own! I´m blessed to live in Ibiza were many schools end at 2pm and I can get my children home to enjoy together the flavors of our simple and light homemade food, embracing together the beginning of sunset time. I know this is a temporary pleasure and joy, and I don´t want to miss it!

This is the reason why I feel that we always have to readjust our rhythms and rhymes, because everything is changing around us, wether we want it or not. And all is changing inside, wether we ignore or not.

      This last quarter of the year I´m happily flying to three beautiful destinations to teach: London, Barcelona and Madrid. For the beginning of 2018 I´ve decided to move slowly and concentrate on some new trainings. I will dedicate myself to my work in Ibiza, reducing external projects to the really relevant, necessary and possible. For everything else, I´ll be here… in my simple and quiet life. This, as everything else, is also temporary, I want to make the most out of it!

It´s a real pleasure to keep sharing this journey with you; enjoying the simple things, savoring, choosing,...


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Inner stillness from Heart Math Institute

      I´ve been following with passion the research or HeartMath Institute, and it´s right now at the base of my work. How we create an experience of physiological coherence and harmony mastering our heart rate through breath, thought and emotion has revealed itself to be a very accesible and efficient tool for improving my own life and my student´s awareness.

Here´s an excerpt from the last heart wisdom mailing, about inner stillness... We all move in so many directions that we should open our eyes and ears to these concepts! And stop moving for a while every day!

"Many spiritual cultures agree inner stillness creates an energetic environment for supporting our advancing consciousness that can unleash the transformational power of our love.

That’s why, from the beginning of HeartMath, many of the tools and especially the technology has been designed to monitor and facilitate easier access to stillness and its connection to our natural inner wisdom and guidance. Forget the mystical and think of inner stillness as something practical and street-worthy. How many times have we told friends or children to get still inside and listen-up because we have something important to tell them?

This reveals our innate respect for the value of stillness, so why not use it the way it can count the most, to quiet our mental and emotional static so we can hear the counsel from our heart’s intuitive suggestions for better choices and outcomes.

When our mind finally lets go, inner stillness is where we land. From there we can reset and upgrade the experience of our life. The earlier we learn the value of inner stillness, the less we need to experience the more stressful ways life often nudges us into considering higher choices for personal peace and happiness. We often hear ourselves and others say, "If I had more foresight, I would have handled that situation differently." Stillness is a primary source for increasing our foresight and discernment. Inner stillness is a place that our heart can speak without our mind running it off the road. In order to "be still, and know" we first have to be still enough to listen.

It’s a forward-moving choice to schedule times for inner stillness and allow our heart, mind and emotions to experience a time-out from competing with each other and enjoy some casual peace together. Stillness requires a little practice because our mind will try to occupy that space (or any space if the door is left cracked).

If inner stillness didn’t produce high-value results, think of all the centuries of time that meditators and spiritually conscious people would have wasted throughout history. With refinement, inner stillness becomes like a personal elevator to our highest view and eliminates the weariness from climbing endless stairs. We feel that practicing inner stillness to connect with our heart’s intelligent guidance will become a most positive corner-turning step forward for humanity, not as a trend or religious motivation way but as a practical step for creating a less stressful, happier life


I wish we can share this wisdom and tools soon together!

Human connection is at the base of global harmony... 

Alignment, truth & hello

      I started my yoga practice when I was 18, and I immediately fell in love with the sensations that appeared after the classes. Many things happened afterwards and in between these last years that I have devoted to teaching. I worked as a designer for nearly a decade, whilst trying to find a sense of joy in my daily life. 

I was lost enough to find myself in this new expression of my creativity. In this moment of my life I feel that I'm in the right place and I love my work.  

      After these years of teaching, releasing my old lifestyle and diving into the joys of education and connection, I've been to many different schools and teachers. They all address yoga alignment in their own way and mood. So I can say, up to now, that it's nearly impossible that there is a true and correct alignment that works for everybody in all the poses. Considering that every body is unique, I would like to consider that each pose is also different for each person

From this starting point, I'm able to draw only one big conclusion about alignment. We have to be aligned with our truth. And only we can know what's our truth… And then we can check anatomical alignment possibilities...

So a good way to start our yoga practice is to honor our uniqueness. Only look at others to get inspired, because comparison will never lift your mood, and don't blame yourself if you feel faithless or fearful while showing your limitations in a shared space.

There comes a time when you don't care anymore about what others think about you. And it's not because you are disconnected from the world, but because you have understood that what really matters is what you think about yourself and how you connect to yourself. 

      Consider taking actions to honor yourself, in a healthy, supportive and loving way. Encourage yourself to take the necessary risks on the mat and off the mat, and assume the results of your actions. This way you´re most probably getting closer to what feels true in your heart. 

And now … release the self and become one with everything and everyone around you!

This is yoga, a path of self-awareness that ultimately wants to keep the awareness and release the self. And it doesn’t feel like emptiness, but wholeness!

Welcome to my new English website, I'm very excited to share content with you…

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